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NFT Consult is a business process outsourcing firm with offices in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi, South Sudan and UK. Our Vision: To make a distinctive contribution in the society we serve. We acknowledge that this sort of impact cannot happen in isolation. It requires a focused collective action from both internal and external expert stakeholders. At NFT Consult we are strategically positioned to partner with both sets of stakeholders to realize those strategic goals as attributed to their business process outsourcing management requirements. We believe that partnering with the right business specialist can transform your organisation and also serve as critical solutions provider for your employees. Our goal therefore is to offer timely solutions to our clients enabling them to grow their organisations and meet their goals. We take time to understand in-depth, our clients'‚Äč challenges and tailor-make our solutions to meet their exert specific objectives, encapsulating their strategic focus and aligning with their resource needs. Through our network of global solutions providers, we connect the right people to the right opportunities, helping organisations meet their strategic needs. Our Mission: Transforming Organisations, Unlocking Individual Potential. We are committed to making a distinctive contribution in our society through the relevant solutions we offer. Our winning culture attracts and retains intensely loyal customers through whom we will achieve sustained superior performance. To learn more about NFT Consult or join our team, visit http://www.nftconsult.com or send us an email: inquiries@nftconsult.com

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